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Mirror World Unity SDK(v0.1.0)

Mirror World's Official Unity SDK

Getting started

Create a developer account at Create project and create an API Key.

Import SDK

  1. One way,download assets Mirror World Unity SDK.
    import it to your project Assets > Import Package > Custom Package and select the package you just downloaded.
  2. Besides, you can also search for the package in Unity Assets Store with the key word "com.mirror.sdk" and import it.


Configuration with adding prefab manually


Explanation of beyond image:

  • Api Key: Input your API key from the developer dashboard on
  • Debug Mode: If checking this, you could see all the flow and error notice on console.
  • Environment: Choose the environment you want to use.
  • Debug Email and Password: In pre-release beta, you can only login SDK with this function. Input your email and password on

Configuration dynamic

We can init Mirror World SDK with the following code:

GameObject mirrorObj = new GameObject("MirrorSDK", typeof(MirrorSDK)); string apiKey = "your api key"; bool debugMode = true; Environment environment = Environment.StagingDevnet; MirrorSDK.InitSDK(apiKey, mirrorObj, debugMode, environment);
  1. Guide user to login When the user opens your app, you may want to know whether this user needs to log in, you can call the IsLoggedIn method. The boolean result is return in the callback.
MirrorSDK.IsLoggedIn((isLoggedIn) => { Debug.Log("isLoggedIn:" + isLoggedIn); });

If you want the user to login, you can use the following code:


Full API Documentation

You can view the documentation for Mirror World SDK for Mobile on our Official Documentation Site

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