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Rust SDK

Mirror World's Official Rust SDK


  1. Create a developer account the developer dashboard.
  2. Create project and copy the API Key and clientId for your project.
  3. Install SDK in your project Todo

Quick Setup


# /Cargo.toml [dependencies] mirrorworld-sdk-rust = "0.1.0"


authentication && wallet

use mirrorworld_sdk_rust::{ login_with_email, }; # Completes user signup with email let res = login_with_email({ LoginWithEmailParam { email: "your email", code: "your email code", password: "your password", } }); let response = if let Ok(Some(response)) = res { response } else { todo!() };


use mirrorworld_sdk_rust::{marketplace::Marketplace, NetEnv}; let KEY: &str = "your api key"; let TOKEN: &str = "your access token"; // init marketplace object, let market = Marketplace::new(KEY.to_string(), NetEnv::DEVNET, TOKEN.to_string()); // create a collection let name: String = String::from("your collection name"); let symbol: String = String::from("your token symbol name"); let uri: String = String::from("you collection metadata uri") let response = market.create_collection(name, symbol, uri).await.unwrap(); if response.is_none() { // your code } else { // your code }

Full API Documentation

You can view the documentation for Mirror World SDK for Mobile on our Official Documentation Site

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