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Introduction to Mirror World

The Mirror World Mobile SDK is a cross-platform interface that provides simple, declarative interfaces for building Mobile and Web Applications into Web 3 Architecture.

Mirror World's development infrastructure for Mobile dApps gives you access to All of Crypto’s Potential In A Few Lines of Code. Create your developer account to begin.

With Mirror World, you can easily authenticate your users, create secure wallets, mint NFTs, deploy marketplaces, swap tokens [among many other features] with a few lines of code, and without the hassle of making your users manage seed phrases, or present them with various popups in order to perform simple actions on Solana.


Traditional Web3 Solana Development is cumbersome on mobile devices, and requires both developers and users to have prior knowledge of complex concepts like key-pairs, wallets, seed phrases, private key security and transaction signing to perform basic operations on the blockchain.

We do the hard, mundane stuff, so you can focus on building great user experiences 😊

With the increase of mobile adoption for Web3 around the world, Mirror World seeks to provide first-class open-source SDKs for Android, iOS, Unity and Web that eliminate the complexity involved in Authentication, NFT Marketplace Trading, Tokenization, on-ramp and off-ramps for consumers.

This allows mobile and web developers to focus on building their own applications and easily integrate the best of Web3 into their Gaming, DeFi, and NFT applications.

Cross-chain support

Mirror World's SDKs and APIs support your mobile and web buidling needs across multiple chains. We're currently live on Solana, and we're rolling out support for Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Aptos and Sui soon.








In Development

BNB Chain

In Development


In Development


In Development

Why Mirror World?

Seamless User Authentication 🌳

Mirror World provides user seamless user authentication for your users, allowing you to conveniently authenticate your users for your Web3 applications. Mirror World's authentication provides the following schemas:

Social Authentication

Mirror World provides authentication with the following providers:

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Twitter
  • Discord
  • Email and Password Authentication

Marketplace Trading and Indexing

Mirror World provides the most powerful decentralized marketplace architecture on Web3 for both Mobile and Web experiences. Deploy a marketplace for your application with one click, list, buy, and transfer NFTs and query transaction history using Mirror World's powerful marketplace API.

Perpetual NFT minting, Collections

Mirror World provides a declarative API for minting NFTs based on Web3 with the ERC721/ERC1155/Metaplex standard. This makes it easy for you to organize your NFT collections on Web3.

Secure and Convenient Custodial Wallets

Mirror World provides a safe and secure API for custodial wallets that supports transaction signing. So your users can interact with the chain without the cumbersome work of managing seed phrases or mnemonics.

Incremental adoption

Mirror World is built from the ground up to be modular. So you can pick and choose which services you need. You can choose to build anything on Mirror World, from conveniently using HTTP APIs to query NFT transactions, to implementing Token Swaps, or implement simple application login.



To get involved with the Mirror World Developer community, ask questions, and chat with the maintainers, join our Discord.

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