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Introduction to Mirror World

The Mirror World Smart SDK is a cross-platform interface that provides simple, declarative API interfaces for building Mobile and Web Applications into Web 3 Architecture.

Our Vision

The vision of the Mirror World Smart SDK is to create easy-to-integrate tools to help creators step out of the walled-garden solutions to building digital economies on decentralized applications and games.

Our Mission

Mirror World's contribution to this vision is to create top-class composable and easy-to-use APIs and SDKs for building applications and games on a decentralized web without limits. Our core SDK primarily provides features around Authentication, NFT APIs, Marketplaces and Storefronts, Tokenization and On-ramp strategies.

Our Focus on Mobile

One core emphasis that the team at Mirror World has focused on is Mobile. We believe strongly that the future is mobile. As builders of games ourselves, we are familiar with the problems within traditional game development, which include on-boarding for Web3, transaction processing, storefronts, and have created building blocks that help solve these problems elegantly with Web 3. Our work in mobile gaming as well as the growing community of over 70000+ members represents our commitment to the vision of creating and maintaining these APIs and SDKs.

Our open-source initiative

We also want to foster an open-source friendly community where builders can contribute to the tools we create and be rewarded for their significant contributions to the Mirror World development ecosystem.


The Mirror World team has been working tirelessly to ship all the features this ecosystem needs to be built. Here is our 2022 Roadmap πŸ‘‡πŸ½

To see a full picture of our roadmap:

Cross-chain support

We started our Mirror World Smart SDK primary on Solana because of its low fees, high TPS and growing community to support our games ecosystems. However, we are keen to support a multi-chain and cross-platform ecosystem in our SDK.








In Development

BNB Chain

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In Development

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