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Getting Started (~5 mins)

Welcome to Mirror World! If you are new to the Mirror World SDK, don't worry, in the next tutorials, we will show you how to use and play with our product.

What is the Developer Dashboard?

The Developer dashboard is where you can manage your projects and API keys, as well as get real-time metrics for projects. To start interacting with our SDK, you need to launch your projects on our dashboard platform to get some basic access permission codes (API keys, Client IDs, etc.).

Create an account

To get started, visit Create a developer account. You will need this account to access all the features we provided. If you encounter any issues with your account, you can contact us or join our Discord and Telegram communities to report to our team directly.


Create your project

Once you've signed in to the dashboard, you will be directed to our home page, which contains some resources that help you better understand how to use our SDK as well as find some support during the development process.


The Home page

Go ahead and click the "Create Project" button to start your first project! Enter your project name in the popup and click "Create".


Create your project

A clear name will let you know which game you are working on and will be helpful when managing multiple projects/games.

Managing your application credentials

Every project is created with 3 credentials that you will use when developing with Mirror World:

  1. API Key - Authorizes a client to access the Mirror World API. Without it, no requests can be authorized. A single project can have multiple API Keys. You can create as many as you need per project. If one API keys is compromised, you can delete it from your app, and create a new one for your project without affecting the operation of your project.
  2. Client ID - The Client ID can be used to publicly identify your project. We use this key internally to identify which project a specific request belongs.
  3. Client Secret - A sensitive credential that the project owner/developer will use to verify certain claims about their project on our Authentication services. For example, if your project authenticates with Mirror World, and hopes to access user data on your API, we will use this secret to verify the claims your back end submits via the verification endpoint.

You will find these credentials on the Project Page on the dashboard.


Visit from the Projects page


Project credentials (API Keys, Client ID, Client Secret)

Start building

Congratulations! You have completed everything you need to prepare to integrate our SDK. Below are some links to help you get started with developing your app.

Import SDK

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