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Javascript SDK

The Mirror World SDK for JavaScript implements a TypeScript-compatible client that can be used both in the browser and in Node.js.


  1. Create a developer account the developer dashboard.
  2. Create project and copy the API Key and clientId for your project.
  3. Install SDK in your project


yarn add @mirrorworld/web3.js


Import the SDK instance to initialize it.

import { MirrorWorld, ClusterEnvironment } from "@mirrorworld/web3.js" const mirrorworld = new MirrorWorld({ apiKey: "YOUR_SECRET_API_KEY", env: ClusterEnvironment.testnet, // Can be ClusterEnvionment.mainnet for mainnet }) async function main() { await mirrorworld.login() await mirrorworld.getTokens() await mirrorworld.getNFTs() } main()

Full API Documentation

You can view the JavaScript API documentation on the JavaScript API Reference page.

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