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Creating a Solana NFT Collection with the Mirror World Smart SDK

By David C. Nwadiogbu

An NFT Collection is made up of a variety of several unique NFTs. Usually, NFT collections may consist of various NFTs that share some similar characteristics with slight variations across each individual token. A good example of this is the popular okay bears NFT collection. NFT collections can come in a variety of different forms, including but not limited to music albums, sports trading cards, etc. Some people like to create NFT collections with a theme while some prefer one with a diverse range of NFTs. Whatever it is, creating your own NFT collection is a big step in your NFT journey. In this guide, we’re going to learn how to create NFT Collections on Solana with the Mirror World SDK.

Getting Started

To create an NFT collection, you want to make sure that you already have a Mirror World developer account. A developer account grants you access to numerous features that can help you build on Mirror World and it can be created within seconds. If you do not yet have an account, head over to to get started. You’ll be redirected to the Mirror World dashboard after successfully signing up.

Create a Project

Creating a project is a necessary step in your NFT collection creation process. A project is the foundation for developing with Mirror World. Every project is created with three major credentials:

  1. API Key: Used to authorize a client to access the Mirror World API.
  2. Client ID: Used to publicly identify your project.
  3. Client Secret: Sensitive credential that the project owner/developer will use to verify certain claims about their project on our Authentication services.

These credentials can be found on the Mirror World developer dashboard within the project.

How to Create an NFT Collection

After going through the aforementioned steps, let’s look at the different ways we can create our NFT Collection using the Mirror World Smart SDK.

Using the Mirror World Developer Dashboard

Using the developer dashboard is the fastest and easiest way to get started creating your NFT collection. Click on the “NFT Collections” tab displayed on the sidebar underneath “Projects”

Collection label

You’ll be redirected to the Collections page with details about creating an NFT Collection.

Creating a collection

Click on the on the "Create Collection" button to create a new collection. You'll be redirected to a page asking you for more information about your collection. Please make sure to fill in every field with the appropriate information. After creating a collection, you should be redirected to the collections page and see your collection added to the collections list for your project.

Using the Mirror World API

There’s also the option to use our API in creating your collection. All you need to do is call the createVerifiedCollection method:

As you can see, from its name, createVerifiedCollection helps you create a verified NFT collection. Verified collections help others know that the NFTs come from an authentic source. This is necessary especially if you intend to make money off of your NFTs as collectors tend to only buy from collections that are verified.

The Mirror World API helps in simplifying the verification process significantly as seen in the code below:


const collection = await mirrorworld.createVerifiedCollection({
metadataUri: "https://my-collection-metadata-uri/metadata.json"
// Returns `IVerifiedCollection`
export interface IVerifiedCollection {
mint_address: string;
url: string;
update_authority: string;
creator_address: string;
name: string;
symbol: string;
collection?: null;
signature: string;
status: string;

Remember, you need to have set up a project and configured your app to use its API keys before you can successfully call this and other methods.

Where to go from here

The Mirror World SDK spans across multiple frameworks and aims to help developers to seamlessly build Web 3 infrastructure rapidly and effectively for mobile and the web. The developer dashboard greatly improves this experience with its simple and easy to navigate interface. Your journey doesn’t have to end at creating collections. Check out this guide to learn how to mint NFTs to your collection, how to create an NFT marketplace and a list of Marketplace transactions you can perform with the Mirror World Smart SDK

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