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Mirror World Android SDK

Mirror World's Official Android SDK

Getting started

Create a developer account on the Developer dashboard. Create project and create an API Key.

Import SDK

Notice: The minimum version that SDK requires is Android 4.4.

  1. Download and uncompress Mirror World Android SDK.
  2. Put the mirrorsdk.aar under folder 'libs'.If there is no libs folder,you may create one.
  1. Add configeration to build.gradle:
dependencies { implementation fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar','*.aar']) }


  1. Initialization We can init Mirror World SDK with the following code:
Activity activity = this; String apiKey = "your api key"; boolean useDebugMode = true; MirrorSDK.getInstance().SetApiKey(apiKey); MirrorSDK.getInstance().SetDebug(useDebugMode); MirrorSDK.getInstance().InitSDK(activity,MirrorEnv.DevNet);
  1. Guide user to login When user open your app, you may want to know whether this user needs to login, you can call the following code to know that.
MirrorSDK.getInstance().CheckAuthenticated(emailAddr, new BoolListener() { @Override public void onBool(boolean boolValue) { Log.i("Mirror","This user's login state is:" + boolean); } });

If you want him to login(or again), you can use the following code:

MirrorSDK.getInstance().StartLogin(new LoginListener() { @Override public void onLoginSuccess() { Log.i("Mirror","User login success!"); } @Override public void onLoginFail() { Log.i("Mirror","User login failed!"); } });

Full API Documentation

You can view the documentation for Mirror World SDK for Mobile on our Official Documentation Site

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